Merino Elevators Company Has Been Safely and effectively Moving People For 6 Years. Today We Follow Our Company Manufacture And Service Of The Elevators With More Than 560 Installations And 47 Employees, Merino Can be Found Almost Any where. By Creatively New Technologies, Merino Elevator Company Continues to Set Precedents For Ride Quality, Reliability and Safety Through The Industry. This Spirit Innovation, Combined With Out Standing Customer Service, has Earned Merino Elevators.

The Rise Of The Modern Elevator As Buildings Began to Rise to Ever-Greater Heights, Sodid The Need For Elevators to Meet These New Demands. 

Merino Continued to Keep Pace by Meeting These Challenges With Ongoing Innovation.

Car cabins, Wooden car, Mild steel car-available in powder, Coated textured and matt finish, Stainless steel car-available in hairline, Mirror and canvas finish.
Manual collapsible door, Swing door, Automatic centre opening door, Automatic telescopic door.
Fall celing, Mild steel fall ceiling, Stainless steel ceiling, (Both types can be employed with fan grill and carry cfl fittings).
Wooden tile flooring, Marble PVC tile flooring, Granite tile flooring.
Mild steel Painted, Stainless steel.
  • Affordable service
  • 24 X 7 Repair Service
  • Complete stock of genuine spare parts
  • Customized Elevator Repair and Maintenance based on Client requirements
  • Well-organized Maintenance Schedule offered

 If you get stuck with the fault or problem in your installed passenger lift, hospital lift or goods, elevator, etc., just call the helpline number of Jaimini Elevators and expert technicians and engineers will be there at your doorsteps in no time to resolve the issue and provide you the best in class service.