About Us

Merino Elevators company was Founded  by Mr. N Venugopal Reddy who holds the prestigious record of working with worlds best Security & Housekeeping 9yrs  and experience Elevators 6yrs.

Today We Follow Our Company Manufacture And Service Of The Elevators With More Than 150 Employees, Merino Can be Found Almost Any where by Creatively New Technologies, Merino Elevator Company Continues to Set Precedents For Ride Quality, Reliability and Safety Through The Industry. This Spirit Innovation, Combined With Out Standing Customer Service, has Earned Merino Elevators.

The Rise Of The Modern Elevator As Buildings Began to Rise to Ever-Greater Heights, Sodid The Need For Elevators to Meet These New Demands. Merino Continued to Keep Pace by Meeting These Challenges With Ongoing Innovation. The Gearless Traction Electric Elevator Could be Could be Employed In Buildings Of any Height and Operated Much Higher Speeds Than Steam-Powered Elevators.


Choices Since its Founding, Merino Has Continue Meet the Needs Of Architects and Building Owners With An Increasing Arry Of Elevatior Of Elevator Obtions. We Trust our Offer Will Receive Your Favourable Consideration and acceptance. In These Connection We Wish To i inform You That The Lift We Were Offered YouT hat Completely Of Indigeno us Make. We Have Already Supllied and Installed a Number Of Lifts In India and These Are Working Satisfactorily.


We Support Our Customers Through out their Project Life Cycle, From the design to the end-of Life Phase. Every Step Of The Way, We Strive To Fully Understand Their Needs And Consistently deliver the Safest, Highest Quality Passenger transportation Solutions, Maintenance and Modernization Packages.

We Provide Smart and Innovative Products for a Wide Variety Of Applications, Customized Modernization Solutions.


Regenerative Drive Technology Feeds Generated Power Back Into the Buildings Grid Reducing Energy Costs. 


Saves upto 120 square feet traditionally used for a machine room.


UL-validated, low-emitting materials exceed stringent indoor air quality standards.


Our MRL traction elevators come in two different configurations : self supported and building supported.
Let’s see which one is right for your building.